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Watching your family read sex scenes which you have written is....AWKWARD!

There are quite a few sex scenes in my novels. I wish I had shown the same imagination in my private life.

Gibson Dickie is the pen name for David Gibson Dickie. 

I was born in Scotland with a severe case of wander lust; Glasgow, Fife, Aberdeenshire etc.

My time is now divided between Hua Hin in Thailand and Meadow Springs in Western Australia.  

I spent a lot of years living in Dubai working for German then Norwegian companies.

I have worked as a paperboy, kitchen porter, wine waiter and barman, merchant navy engineer cadet, systems integration engineer, sales rep, company director and eventually a published author.

The writing bug was with me from an early age, and early retirement gave me the opportunity to dedicate some time and effort to completing that first novel and trying to have it become a real live physical thing.

Just like in the movies!

My debut, COUNT TO TEN, was published on 25 June 2020 slap bang in the throes of the Covid Pandemic.

What should have been a major event in my life became compromised by truly awful timing.

The sequel, THEN START AGAIN, was published on 29th July 2021.

Yet another piece of pretty rubbish scheduling.

Anyway, welcome to my website, home made by a man of limited computer skills, so be gentle.

Thanks for having a look.

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25th June 2020

There is a violent, sexually motivated killer on the loose.

The local police force are in a state of flux; lack of leadership, competition for promotion, jealousy, jurisdiction complications.

This is not a conventional WHODUNNIT story with an amazing detective who can solve every case through superb deduction and inspiration despite his family issues and alcohol problems coupled to a series of personality disorders. This is about flawed people in the police trying to catch a psychotic killer before she strikes again.

This is a story which challenges the established law enforcement mantra; "the first 48 hours are crucial", "the killer is always known to the victim", "serial killers are universally male". When the perpetrator takes time to clean the scene of their crime, they can stay one step ahead.

Amy (Jessica) is not your average killer. She is motivated by counting the good and bad things which happen in her life. When she reaches ten, things happen, good or bad, usually bad. She believes she is justified in what she has done, which makes her even more dangerous.

Contains - Humour, Sexual Scenes, Extreme Violence, Naughty Language,  and sometimes all of them at the same time!

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Published - 29th July 2021
The first person to review this book via the "Contact' tab on this website will be rewarded with WINE.

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