Who the hell is Gibson Dickie?

That's a very good question. Gibson Dickie doesn't exist!

I have been known variously as - Dave Dickie, Davy Dickie, David Dickie and David G Dickie. 

Not to mention - Dickie Bird, Dixie, Fats, Dickster and (strangely) FRED.

Gibson was used simply because there was already an author operating under my name, although it might also be his real name too.

And there was no way he was getting his grubby mitts on my royalties.

Despite always having an interest in writing, I only completed a novel for the first time at the tender age of 59. 

There were a few false starts in the intervening years, which were universally dreadful. 

Amazingly, the first publisher I sent it to decided to give it a chance. 

COUNT TO TEN is my debut novel, and was published by Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie in the United Kingdom.

I tried to avoid the cliched (but highly successful) formula of a wonder detective who always solves the case.

My killer is the star of the story, a sort of anti-heroine. Amy / Jessica is a very intolerant lady.

The sequel THEN START AGAIN will be published on the 29th of July 2021.

Editing is COMPLETE and hopefully we found all my mistakes. She is back and she is still killing.

UNTIL IT ENDS is the final element in the trilogy and can be expected around the middle of 2022.

The first draft has just been completed. Will they catch her? Can they prosecute her? Does she care?

They say wisdom comes with age and I am learning some fascinating new things.

For instance, the hairs in my nostrils are black even though my remaining hair is pure grey/white.

In case you have ever wondered, yes your pubes DO go grey as well.

I am a husband, father of two and grandfather (grumpy) to two. 

I regard every person who reads my books as a personal friend.