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Glasgow Is The UK's Most Foul Mouthed City

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Source - The Scottish Sun, 19th April 2021 DGD - 22.04.2021

I always knew that Glasgow would be number one for something. Fake Burberry clothing? Glue sniffing? Football violence? Kindness to strangers? Only the best fvcking sausage sandwich in the entire winking planet (refer to picture).

The city of my youth has won this prestigious award, with a tally of 109 curse words per 1000 posts on an online forum. The second placed city had 65.

109 ?? Is that all?

Were they scanning posts from pensioners and children? For fvck sake, most Weegies will swear 109 times an hour, and fvcking more if they are in a mood.

I recall a conversation in a bar (in the good old days) when a woman suggested to my buddy that his swearing was displeasing her and perhaps he should go outside and vent his profanity to the world. He replied, pointedly, that "while his fvcking swearing might be fvcking annoying, her bastvrd fvcking smoking could fvcking kill him," suggesting that the whining cvnt might care to smoke outside. (He was a tad perturbed.)

I don't condone random or unnecessary swearing. I accept it is less shocking than it was and the use of curse words has become so bloody common. In Australia, the word "bastard" is practically a term of endearment, but never call someone a mongrel!

However, the "intent" of the cursing should not be ignored. There is a difference between "you're being a dickhead" stated in a friendly tone, and "you're a dickhead" delivered in an angry tone. The words are one thing, the intent is another altogether. The context of the swearing must be considered before offence is automatically taken.

There are too many sensitive souls out there looking for a bandwagon to join, and on their day they can take offence to almost everything.

"Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep" Why is Bo Peep a girl? That's sexist! Little? That's discriminatory against short people! Her sheep? The sheep belong to everyone! Sheep? Unite against the tyranny subjugating animals!

Congratulations Glasgow on your merited award, richly deserved and spoken with honest and obvious intent. And if you don't agree with me, then you can just "fvck off!"

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