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Some of which may even become a reality


29 July 2021

This is the sequel to "Count To Ten"  and the publication process is COMPLETE!
“Seven… Eight… Nine…”
Whatever happens, don’t let it get to ten. That could spell the end.
The police are on to her, but she is covering her tracks well. Cleaning up each murder scene has become second nature, her clinical actions at odds with the passion and violence of her killings.
Don’t let me count to ten…
Thankfully, the police are also preoccupied with a local gangster, The Mancunian, who runs drug and massage businesses, but she’s still not safe. Especially when she meets one of The Mancunian’s contacts, who upsets her a little too much.
I told you not to let me count to…


Sometime in 2022

This is the final novel in the trilogy. The first draft has just been completed and now I have to read through and correct a mountain of mistakes.
Amy (Jessica) crosses a line, actually many lines.
Her latest victim leads her to be subjected to intense scrutiny.
Her love life becomes extremely complicated.
Incidents from her past come back to haunt her.
Her sanity is questioned.
She still counts to ten, she still responds to her urges, but when others have urges towards her, the tables may be turned.
Sex. Violence. Narcotics. Betrayal. Revenge. Weapons.
Can they stop Amy? Will they?


Currently at 60% (75,000 words)

A change of genre, moving into a world where supernatural events are occurring in a quaint village.

Ancient rituals are causing historical abuse allegations against powerful people.

A reporter investigating a human interest story is threatened, falsely charged, imprisoned and has his career destroyed by unsavoury and socially unacceptable allegations.

A woman is suspicious of the accident where her parents were killed.  She is obstructed by the locals at every turn.

Why do the children sing a different version of Ring a Ring of Roses?

What happens in the abattoir at night?


Still an outline to be developed

This is a story about an event which happened around my friends in our teenage years.

The inappropriate nature of what happened became apparent only in retrospect. 

People in positions of responsibility have an obligation to protect the safety and morals of those under their supervision.

When that duty is distorted by inner desires and circumstances, the truth could damage many lives, if it was ever revealed.

The story would be a dramatisation and extension of the events which actually took place.

Or it could be an entirely accurate account of the reality. 


One of twelve stories complete

This would be my first attempt at a children's book.

 It would be about the antics of the dolphins who populate the estuary and beach around a popular West Australian town.

The focus would be on the dolphin's behaviour and their interpretation of the interactions they enjoy / tolerate with humans.

The primary intention will be to provide fun stories for younger kids, with a small element of educational content.

And pictures. Lots of pictures. 

Work: Work
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